We are a tribe of engineers, working day in and out to make the lives of our customers simpler around their devices.
We strive to lead the industry by setting examples through our futuristic ways and methods of resolving connected device issues. When it comes to Optimization and Security fronts, Resolv stands second to none. Hence we invite the affiliates, partners and investors across the globe to walk along -- in this journey towards a better world of smart devices.

Technology We Drive

The basis of our technology is based on a patented IT practice that takes us way ahead of our peers at the performance level.

We enjoy our technology, but we are always on our toes to take this all to the next level where device care is even more secured and simpler.

We ensure that our innovations get vetted and recognized by the top notch industry leaders, before we go live for the customers.

Key Notes

  • important_devices Device agnostic
  • dashboard Single dashboard for all
  • signal_cellular_connected_no_internet_4_bar Internet independent
  • call No IVRs

Our Products

Our software works like a platform that not only enables upkeep of your devices through myriad automatic troubleshooting, but also gets your devices connected to each other (and to a common dashboard) for seamless maintenance.

Resolv depicts autonomic nature at every stage, but pervades human touch throughout its functioning. The software never leaves its customers unattended and resolves all their issues proactively. There is always a dedicated human agent ready to step in, if at all need be.

For Partners

We heartily invite technology, affiliates as well as strategic partners to help IT industry grow with joint efforts. If you share the same passion for innovation as ours, then please get connected so that we can together help the consumers with our products and services.

For Press

We are happy to speak about our services and technology. Please contact a Resolv representative for any media inquiries.